Paul Michael Kane Photography: Blog en-us (C) Paul Michael Kane Photography [email protected] (Paul Michael Kane Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:58:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:58:00 GMT Paul Michael Kane Photography: Blog 120 86 Virtual LightBox Mobile Edition Now Available! Ever since the launch of LightBox Photography Cards, I've released a companion "virtual edition" for each deck in the series. With the release of the Virtual Mobile Edition, I thought it would be beneficial to include the links to all the editions below. Each of these are PDFs that you can download to your computer, tables and mobile devices and extend your LightBox experience. Each edition features 12 new, independent challenges to coinside with each individual deck!

Brand New - LightBox Mobile Edition
Direct Link:

LightBox Macro Edition
Direct Link:

Original LightBox Edition
Direct Link:

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PMK's Photo Tips and Tricks!

I haven't taken nearly enough advantage of my YouTube account, but that's all going to change this year . . . with 10 videos already uploaded, there's some great content up to get you inspired in your image making. Don't forget to subscribe and do leave me some thoughts on what you'd like to see me do in the next video!

Click here to get started on your viewing today!!



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Foto Grafis Still Available

Foto Grafis is still available over on the LightBox Photography Card site! This fine-art, playing card deck has received an award from the prestigious United States Playing Card Company and was recognized with two nominations from the 2014 Play Card Awards -  Best Overall Design and Best Crowdsource Funded Deck.

Supplies are limited, so get them while you can!! 

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LightBox Photography Cards Combo Deal! For a limited time, get both the Original LightBox deck AND the brand new Macro Edition deck for one low price!! Only $18 + shipping for the newest way to get inspired with your photography!

Scott Kelby calls these things "Great" call them "the best gift for photographers under $25!!"

Get your decks today at

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Behind the Image Every once in a while, I'll have an image in my head that begs to be created . . . Unlock Your Imagination is one such image. Created in just under 10 minutes - from start to finish - the photo was an exercise in creativity. I had just shot a wedding - something I don't usually do as I don't get much creative fulfillment out of it and was busy processing the images and getting bored. So this composition crept into my head and I knew it would be just the thing to reignite my creativity. I raided my wife's scrapbook embellishments, grabbed a few antiques laying around the house and created the image you see below - I thought it might be fun to see the entire process from start to finish!

The print is available here:

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Foto Grafis a huge success!

In January of 2014, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to help create Foto Grafis Playing Cards . . . the campaign was designed for a 30 day run and, to my astonishment, was funded in the first 24 hours. Along with the deck, I'd designed numerous extras to accompany the cards as a reward for backing. 

These included a lens cloth, stylus/pen combo, limited edition print and a custom, branded poker chip. There was also a 1.5" coin designed for the campaign and a laser engraved display box created. 

The campaign pulled in close to 350 backers from around the world and sold nearly 800 decks to countries like Australia, China, Germany and Japan.  

While shipping has begun on the project, there will be more than a few decks left to sell online and at my various shows. Stay tuned for more info on where you can get your decks . . . 

To the backers - I am truly fortunate to count you among my supporters. I couldn't have done it without you all!!

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FREE STUFF . . . who doesn't like free stuff?? Who doesn't love free stuff? The internet if full of amazing resources for learning the craft of photography and here are a few of my own efforts in spreading around what I've learned. 

Cellular Images

10 Steps to Better Photography

The United Kingdom: A Week Long Visit (iPad Exclusive)

These are absolutly free - no strings attached. My only request is you pass them on - share the links and - if you're so inclined, leave some feedback over on my Facebook site or in the comment section below! Sweet deal, right?

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Weird NJ Presents: Home State Hauntings One of the highlights of 2013 was my involvement with the folks at Weird NJ. Both issues in 2013 featured some of my work, with Issue #40 being the largest display of both my writing and photography with a feature on the Fox Studio Film Vaults. You can purchase a copy of that here and an unpublished gallery to that issue can be found here. Issue #41 featured a smaller write-up on the Spring Valley Christian Church. That issue is available here and a unpublished gallery can be found here

The biggest news out of my growing relationship with the folks at Weird NJ was my involvement with their first official eBook: Weird NJ presents . . . Home State Hauntings. Not only did I shoot the cover to the book - not only did I contribute nearly 50 interior shots inside the book, but I also designed all three version of the book!

Available for the iPad, Kindle and Nook platforms, we've left no one behind! 

What makes this even more special to me is that I included my own little one on the cover. That's right? Peyton makes her third appearance on the cover to one of my projects! You can see more of the cover concepts I designed here

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